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Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions - Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status & any disability); Crime & Disorder, Health & Safety and Human Rights.
Nancy Chapman, Parish Clerk


Robin Carpenter (Chairman), Ernest Kong (Vice Chairman) Malcolm White, Bill Turner, Paul Vallis, Jane Humby, Gina Seaton (District Councillor) and Mark Keating (County Councillor).


Nancy Chapman (Parish Clerk) and 10 members of the public.

Before the meeting commenced there was an opportunity for the public to speak: No items were brought for discussion.

BT stated that as he was required to declare an interest in the application regarding Milcombe Farm, he would like to speak regarding this prior to the meeting. BT reported he had received a phone call from Symonds & Sampson asking if the Parish Council were happy with the enquiries that the Chairman was making regarding the application.

The Chairman responded that he was merely trying to obtain further information regarding the application to support the PC meeting’s discussion of it. The farm appraisal that was previously available on the planning website has now been removed. The Chairman felt that the appraisal was an important part of the application and should be made available for viewing.

BT believes that the applicant is vital to the running of the farm. She currently has to commute quite a distance to work on the farm every day, and so there is a fundamental need for a new house for her to live in on-site. The applicant cannot be expected to share the existing farmhouse.

    Apologies were received from Clare Middleton.
  2. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 16th January 2018 (Already Circulated)
    Following a minor correction to the date in the main heading, the minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as correct records of the meeting. BT commented that he disagreed with comments discussed at last month’s meeting regarding the new property at Manor Farm obscuring the view of the Church when driving towards it from the Moor. His view was that the Church is not usually visible from this view point for most of the year due to the leaves on the hedges and trees.
    Bill Turner declared and interest in items 6a)ii).
    Mark Keating gave highlights from his previously circulated report. He also reported that he has already chased up the issue regarding the fallen HGV signs at Hill End and will continue to do this. GS reported that the Western Corridor improvements were one month behind schedule. The dedicated Public Liaison Officer for the Western Corridor Improvements works is Rosemarie Harrod (0330 041 2184). GS has attended a meeting with Linda Hayden who has replaced Simon Fox as the Area South Lead Planning Officer. Neil Waddleton is now dealing with S106 and CIL issues and has offered to speak to the PC regarding the latest updates to this. GS has written a letter to James Duvall in support of the Church Parking Bay project.
    1. The following applications were received:
      1. App nos: 17/04645/FUL and 17/04646/LBC The erection of a single storey rear extension to dwellinghouse. Location: The Cottage, Hardington House, Rectory Lane. Applicant Mr Gerald Boord. SSDC were unable to extend the deadline for comments beyond 15th February and so comments on this application had been requested via email. There were no objections.
      2. App no: 18/00057/OUT Erection of a permanent agricultural workers dwelling. Location: Milcombe House, North Lane, Hardington Mandeville. Applicant: Miss V Turner. RC recognizes that a dairy farmer needs to be on site, although questioned whether there was justification for a second dwelling. He also had concerns regarding the slurry output if the dairy herd is increased. Other councilors felt there was enough space for a new dwelling and it would have little impact on the surrounding environment. Encouraging potential young families into the village is desirable. It was agreed to respond with no objections, but to make a comment requesting that the planning department should be satisfied that a second dwelling on the farm is justified.
      3. App no: 18/00318/S73A Application to vary condition 02 (approved plans) of planning permission 17/02299/FUL to realign the roof to allow a conventional roof structure to be achieved. Location: Grass Hill, High Street, Hardington Mandeville. Applicant: Mr Keith Blackwell. There were no objections.
    2. The following planning application was received after publication of the agenda.
      1. App no:18/00470/FUL Removal of an existing carport and the erection of a replacement double garage, and the erection of a two storey side extension and new roof (amended design)to dwellinghouse. (Re-submission of 17/0023836/FUL). Location: Oakenlea, West Coker Hill. Applicant: Mr and Mrs A King. There were no objections.
    3. There were no results of previous applications received after publication of this agenda.
    4. The demolition work at the Moor End Nursery site has now been completed and the development is expected to begin in April. The developers have been in touch with Mike Fear regarding the road damage and have repaired the drains that were damaged during demolition.
    1. ND has reported nine routine defects to SCC this month in his previously circulated report.
    2. ND reported that he had not followed up any other leads at present as he was awaiting the outcome of the SSDC application to determine how much more funding is required. ND is happy to attend the SSDC committee meeting on the 7th March to represent the PC.
    3. There were no further updates in relation to the monitoring of Moor Lane.
    4. ND has continued to chase up the collapsed HGV sign at the Hill End crossroads.
    5. There were no updates in relation to the repainting of the “SLOW” signs on Pig Hill and on the corner of the Moor Lane junction.
    6. Y10/51 is still awaiting a response from Mike Fear who has stated they would assess the footpath and determine if repair is required.
    7. RC reported that an anonymous letter had been received complaining that farmers do not clear up the debris on the road following hedge cutting, causing a skid hazard and also potential for punctures. The Parish Council felt there was little they could do beyond asking the farmers to clear up the mess caused by hedge cutting.
    8. There were no other issues.
    1. This year’s Annual Assembly will take place on the 17th April. RC asked if anyone had any suggestions for a guest speaker. NC agreed to put a note in the Messenger regarding this.
    2. A village litter pick was scheduled for Saturday 14th April. NC agreed to book the equipment required.
    3. A resolution was passed to donate £200 towards St.Mary’s Church annual insurance cost.
    4. A resolution was passed to donate £100 to East Coker Scout Group to help towards the purchase of a new bell tent. It was suggested that perhaps the Scout group could be called upon to help with the village street fayre.
    5. Any current issues arising.
    1. The clerk has sent requests to tender to SLL, SSDC and Halycon regarding next year’s ground maintenance work. These tenders will be discussed at March’s meeting.
    2. The ground is still too wet to cut the field hedges at this time.
    3. The bike track requires some maintenance work including herbicide treatment and more gravel. RC agreed to get some prices for some bags of suitable gravel.
    1. There were no issues
    1. The Clerks hours for January (21 hours) were approved
    2. A resolution was passed to approve payment of the following invoices:/li>
        -SALC/NALC Affiliation fees 2017/18 £152.67
        -Information Commissioner (Data Protection Registration until 24/03/2019) £ 35.00
        -SSDC Ranger Scheme Quarter 3 £459.00
    3. NC reported that an SSDC invoice for the community field mowing and herbicide treatment had been received which detailed 16 cuts and 2 herbicide treatments. At the end of September only 12 cuts had taken place including one free cut to resolve the issue with the clumps of grass. NC agreed to query this with SSDC in addition to the 2 herbicide treatments as the Ranger had been paid to weedkill the field in August also.
    1. a) RC reported that a 6 month temporary footpath closure notice had been received for several paths in the area including Y10/32 and Y10/49 near Romsey Farm, to enable overhead powerline refurbishment works.
    1. The following tasks had been carried out on 13/02/2018:
      • Cleared drains at junction of High Street and Broadstone Lane - removed soil on bank.
      • Strimmed out and cleared other drains in Broadstone area.
      • Dug out Penn Hill gullies and others on road.
      • Cleared ditches/drains on North Lane
      • Cleared gullies on Lyatts
      • Cleared mud from gully at playing field
      • Cleared other drains in village/High Street and church
      • Painted Penn Hill sign.
    2. The following tasks are on the Ranger’s list for February:
      • Clear ground moss from Village Hall Car Park
      • Apply second coat of stain to Village Hall garage doors.
      • Continue repainting the Fingerpost signs.
    3. It was also suggested that if the VHC purchase some masonry paint the Ranger could be asked to paint the North all of the village hall.
    1. Proposed dual carriageway A303 Sparkford to Ilchester. Consultation details:
    2. Proposed dual carriageway A358 Taunton to Ilminster. Consultation details:
    3. The Clerk has received a letter from the MG Car Club informing the Parish Council that the annual MG Car Club Kimber Classic Trial will be passing through the village on Saturday 7th April 2018 between 9.20-10.40 am.
    Solar-powered lights have been installed to provide light over the car park area to the North.

    PV reported that at the last VHC meeting, the Chairman was asked by a parishioner to resign within two weeks due to allegations of mismanagement made against him. The Chairman stated that he was not going to resign and the committee backed him with this decision.

    The Chairman responded that the PC had only recently given Peter their vote of confidence and continue to support him. They recognize that he is a very valuable member of the community and it is a massive loss to the village that he will be moving away in the future.

    1. Chairman: Nothing to report
    2. Councillors: Nothing to report
    3. Clerk: Nothing to report.
    The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th March 2018 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. The meeting closed at 8.45pm.

After the meeting there was an opportunity for the public to speak:

John Gilmore said that there is still an opportunity for people to join the VHC 100 Club. It costs £11 to join and 50% of the income is awarded as prizes.

The Chairman reminded everyone that they should take the opportunity to submit their views regarding the proposed boundary changes before the deadline of 19th March 2018.

Peter Bysouth thanked the PC for their continued support.


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