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Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions - Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status & any disability); Crime & Disorder, Health & Safety and Human Rights.
Nancy Chapman, Parish Clerk


Andy Webb (Acting Chairman), Paul Vallis, Clare Middleton, Bill Turner, Ernest Kong, and Gina Seaton (District Councillor).


Nancy Chapman (Parish Clerk) and 6 members of the public.

Before the meeting commenced there was an opportunity for the public to speak:

A parishioner reported that the Mandeville Arms Community asset nomination had been submitted to SSDC. Although during their previous discussion on the subject, to the disappointment of the parishioner, the Parish Council had decided it was unnecessary to be involved, the Parishioner has since been given further information which changes the situation. While 21 members of the Community are able to nominate the asset, it requires an official body, such as the Parish Council or Village Hall Committee to make the bid. The Parishioner therefore asked the Parish Council if they would consider writing a letter in support of the Community asset nomination. The Parishioner has spoken to many villagers who support this nomination and feel that both pubs are highly valued village assets.

Speaking on behalf of St.Mary's PCC, Peter Bysouth stated that the annual PC donation towards St.Mary's insurance cost has been at £120 for several years and asked if the PC would consider increasing this given a considerable amount of money is needed to be raised by the Church at this time.

Mick Clark, the Chairman of Stoford and Barwick Parish Council spoke to invite Councilors to the first Coker Councils' Forum event, to be held at Pavitt Hall, Church Lane, Barwick on Thursday 10th March 2016 from 7:30pm. The event will be a chance to discuss shared issues, opportunities for cost saving & co-operation between neighbouring Parish Councils and a way to share best practice and local success stories. Councilors across all divisions are being invited and Mick hopes representatives from Hardington will also attend.

    Apologies were received from Andy Webb, Clare Middleton, and Marcus Fysh (County Councillor).
  2. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 19th JANUARY 2016 (Already Circulated)
    The minutes for October were approved and signed by the Chairman as correct records of the meeting.
    The Chairman summarised a further letter from Ric Pallister (SSDC Leader) regarding the Westlands Sports and Leisure Complex (WLC) rescue package. In it he apologized for not approaching the PC in person so that they could consider the principle of a contribution before being approached with a detailed request. Mr Pallister offered to speak to the Parish Council should they still like the opportunity of having a stake in the project. The Clerk agreed to write to Mr Pallister asking him to contact the PC when the time is suitable to arrange this.
    Cathy Bakewell summarised her previously circulated report, giving details of two presentations on the Local Housing Needs and the Health and Leisure Service, and various grants to local projects including Sutton Bingham Canoe Club. The proposed school at Wyndham Park will not be ready for September 2016 and has been reduced to a 7-class school, which should be ready by September 2017. There is an expected rise in Council Tax for the district of 1.95% (£2.88) on a Band D household.
    Gina Seaton gave further details on some of the above subjects from Cathy's report. Gina also reported that the appeal for a housing development on land behind Yeovil Court had been refused.
    1. There were no planning applications received after publication of the agenda.
    2. There were no results of previous applications received after publication of the agenda.
    3. There were no other planning issues.
    1. Neil's report for February contained several potholes and areas of water erosion. The PC discussed the flooding problem, caused by the inadequate drain near the Community Field Pedestrian entrance. SCC highways originally promised to replace the drain, but have neglected to do so. The drainage plan agreed with the potential developers of the nursery site will improve things for the bottom of Moor Lane, but increase the load on this drain by the Community Field. The Chairman's opinion was that it needs to be replaced with a drain not less than 2 x 400mm. It was agreed that the clerk would write a letter to Simon Fox asking him to make it a condition of any planning application approved for the Moor End Nursery site, that the developers renew this drain also.
    2. The Chairman stated that the pothole outside the entrance to Lime Kiln Farm was now very large and potentially dangerous. Neil agreed to report it.
    3. The Chairman raised the issue of surface water on the road at Pig Hill, on the bend above the shop, which causes a potential ice hazard when frozen. When it rains there is a steady stream of stony water from the gateway of the quarry field. He believes that if a drainage chamber is placed inside the field to channel the water away from the highway, this could be prevented. The Clerk agreed to write a letter to the field owner requesting this work is carried out.
    1. The subject of the Mandeville Arms Community Asset nomination was discussed. The Parish Council agreed to support the nomination given that the majority of parishioners viewed the pub as an asset of community value to the village. The clerk agreed to write to Natalie Ross to inform her of this.
    2. A resolution was passed to donate £150 towards St Mary's Church insurance costs.
    3. The Clerk reported that an email has been sent to Mr Henry Siebert-Saunders of Underhill Cottage to ask him to consider being the main speaker at the Annual Assembly in April, but a reply has not yet been received. The Chairman agreed to follow this up.
    1. A letter had been received from SLL giving details of a quote for the Community field Ground Maintenance work for the next year. The price increase was £4.50 a month (£54 a year). It was viewed that SLL to a great job of the field maintenance and a resolution was passed to continue the agreement for a further year.
    2. The Chairman reported that certain areas of the bike track had become very muddy. It was agreed that the Chairman would purchase a bag of gravel, the same as that already used, in order to repair it.
    3. The Chairman thanked Heather Ivory and her Family for donations to the Community field totaling £574 received in memory of Alan. The Donations were split between the Community Field and the Air Ambulance. Suggestions for an item of equipment or similar in memory of Alan are being considered.
    4. The Chairman reported that he and Rob White would be planting some hedging plants in order to fill the gap in the hedge where the new pedestrian entrance was being considered.
    1. There were no issues arising.
    1. The Clerk's hours for January (21.5 hours) were confirmed.
    2. A Resolution was passed to pay the following invoices:
      • SSDC Parish Ranger Scheme Qtr 3 (£382.50+ VAT £76.50) £459.00
      • The Information Commissioner - Data Protection Registration Fee £35.00
    3. Brian Dodd had contacted the PC giving details of the potential costs of the website signposting system which is due to expire on 29th July this year. Brian proposed that buying 10 years worth of credit is the cheapest way. The prices are due to increase on 10th March and asked if the Council will reimburse him if he renews early to save money. The council passed a resolution to reimburse Brian £107.10 for the 10 year credit.
    1. The Chairman reported that the Ranger had made a good job of repairing the stile at the bottom of Lyatts.
    2. The muddy area of path, on the bridleway between Moor Lane and North Lane was discussed. It was viewed that the mud has simply been caused by lots of rain combined with lots of pedestrian use. As SCC are responsible for maintaining the footpath, the chairman agreed to contact Les Braunton to ask if they could supply some coarse stone to improve the surface.
    1. The Chairman reported that the Sleeper had been removed from the stream alongside the Community Field. He agreed to contact Stephen Fox to determine how many tasks were outstanding from the list of Village Hall maintenance jobs.
    1. A letter had been received from SSDC asking for information on burial space within the parish and also for information on any proposed site for the Yeovil Area Cemetery Project. Peter Bysouth agreed to complete the form on behalf of St.Mary's Church.
    2. Coker Councils' Forum Event (Thursday 10th March 7.30pm). None of the Councillors present were able to attend and so the Chairman agreed to contact Andy and Claire to ask if they are available.
    3. The next South Somerset Together Assembly is being held on Thursday 17th March 9.30am - 13:00pm and the main topic is changes to the welfare system.
    4. An email had been received from East Coker Parish Council asking for a contribution towards a gift for the outgoing Ranger. The Chairman agreed to arrange collection and deliver the contribution.
    5. A courtesy letter has been received from the MG Car club informing the PC that MG Car Club - Kimber Classic Trail will be taking place on Saturday 9th April and will pass through Hardington between 9.20-10.30am.
    1. Chairman. The Chairman reported that he had been in contact with Mrs Hall's son regarding the potential flood problem at Honeysuckle Cottage on Rectory Lane. They were rather disappointed that while waiting for contractor quotes for the necessary work, the funding had run out once again. The Chairman informed Mr Hall that the PC are still willing to support the application.
      The Chairman reported that he had attended the recent Community Forum Meeting and heard an interesting presentation from Somerset Micro-Enterprise project. This involves supporting people who are willing to provide care into homes at a local level. The presenter has said he would be willing to provide a presentation to the PC if they wished. The dates for the next two Community Forum meetings are Monday 16th May 2016 and Monday 17th October 2016 at the SSDC Council Offices (9.30 am - 12 noon).
      An email has been received from Mr Whitsun-Jones asking if the PC would be willing to support a campaign calling on South Somerset District Council to establish a Green Belt around Yeovil. It was agreed to agenda this for discussion at March's meeting.
    2. Councillors: Paul Vallis reported that several people had asked him why the Village Hall is always so cold. Peter Bysouth replied that the current system has been recognised as inadequate and the VHC were in the process of identifying the best solution for a new system.
      Paul also reported that there is a significant amount of dog faeces around the village shop area and asked if signs could be obtained to remind owners to clear up after their dogs. The Clerk agreed to put another note in the Messenger regarding this issue and contact the Environmental Health Department to determine if they have any signs available..
    3. Clerk: Nothing to report.
    The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 15th March 2016 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall. The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

After the meeting closed there was an opportunity for the public to speak:

Peter Bysouth reported that following the recent heavy rain it is thought that water has got under the lead flashings and run down the internal walls, causing some paint damage. Barry Knibbs will be investigating this in the next few weeks.


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