The Minutes of the previous meeting (January 2012)


Members were reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions - Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status & any disability); Crime & Disorder, Health & Safety and Human Rights.
Jessica Vale, Parish Clerk


Robin Carpenter (Chairman), Peter Bysouth, Bill Turner, David Beckley, Vanessa May and Malcolm White.


Jessica Vale (Parish Clerk) and 5 members of the public.

Before the meeting commenced there was an opportunity for the public to speak.

    received from District and County Councillors Cathy Bakewell and Gina Seaton.
  2. MINUTES OF MEETINGS HELD ON 25th January 2012 (Already Circulated).
    1. The minutes were approved and signed.
    Peter Bysouth for item 9b (donation to St Mary’s Church) in his capacity as Treasurer to St Mary’s Parochial Church Council.
    The Clerk confirmed that she had sent a letter about the turning bay to all residents of Bishops Lane (Item 6b), she had made an enquiry about the need for a new stile on footpath Y9/4 (which is in East Coker Parish) (Item 10a), and she had sent an email to Somerset County Council in connection with the public consultation on their draft Parking Strategy (Item 13b).
    1. Planning Applications received. Application no. 12/00302/LBC Alterations to roof, replace fascia and guttering, rebuild and repair north-west chimney at Hardington House for Mr G Boord. There were no objections to this.
    2. Any planning applications received after publication of this agenda: None.
    3. Results of previous applications; Application no. 11/04963/FUL Mr & Mrs D Creed, erection of replacement storage building for agricultural contracting business, Hardington Moor (revised application); permission granted.
    4. Results of previous applications received after publication of agenda – none.
    1. Report from Highways Representative: Report from Highways Representative; Rob Lloyd has been active on the Council’s behalf but was unable to come to the meeting. Concerning the surface of North Lane, it was NOTED that it essential that the farmer at Milcombe Farm is persuaded to clear the road in that area so that Somerset County Highways can send an officer to see the full extent of the repairs that are needed, and to keep the lane clear for the contractors to carry out the repairs. It was further NOTED that the farmers on either side of the Lane are believed to be responsible for maintaining the ditches on either side, but Highways have carried out a one-off clearance, except for:
      1. one drain pipe on the west side near the bottom of the hill which runs under a field to the Brook, and which is still currently blocked, and
      2. a blocked drain pipe running from the ditch below the Nature Reserve to the Lane.
      The road surface is now so bad in places, because of the large vehicles sent to clear the ditches, that cars have grounded in one area.
      1. The Parish Clerk has received one report of a private car parked in the turning bay in Bishops Lane since a letter went out to all residents, but it was not possible to trace the car’s owner on this occasion. The Clerk also noted on one occasion a visiting van parked on the south side of the road opposite the turning bay, making the bay unusable for turning.
      2. There is currently a problem with sewage seepage into a drain in Penn Lane; the owners of the property concerned are aware of this and will soon replace their septic tank.
    1. Recreation Ground at North Lane. It was NOTED that this area is for use by all members of the local community.
      1. The car park area is now fenced, the landscaping mounds for the play area and bike jump are in place (although more soil is needed in a couple of spots) and initial inspection of the play facilities by South Somerset District Council (SSDC) has taken place.
      2. It was RESOLVED to pay the invoice of Touch Wood Enterprises Ltd £4935.00 (excl. VAT) to pay for the play structures and inspection. The Clerk was instructed to sign the letter from Touch Wood to confirm handover of the structures once a satisfactory report has been obtained from the SSDC inspectors. It was NOTED that Touch Wood have supplied to Robin Carpenter a list of maintenance recommendations for the structures that they have built.
      3. Recent donations from the public were noted with thanks, and the Parish Council was delighted to hear that £200 has been donated by the Hardington Junior Players from the proceeds of their recent performance at the Village Hall. It was AGREED that the donation will be recorded with a small plaque on the site.
    2. It was AGREED to ask the Friends of Hardington Community Space for £18,000.00 from their funds to cover initial development costs. Up to £5,000.00 has been awarded by SSDC for play equipment.
    3. Recreation Ground lease; it was AGREED that the original of the lease document will be lodged with Porter Dodson of Yeovil following their kind offer to hold it free of charge.
    4. Recreation Ground tree-planting, grass-cutting and inspection charges; free trees are currently being obtained through the Friends of Hardington Community Space and one purchased specimen is to be donated. It was AGREED to defer consideration of grass-cutting to the next Parish Council meeting. Suitable unobtrusive litter bins are being located. It was RESOLVED to pay SSDC £250.00 for initial inspection of the site, which took place the previous Thursday, subject to receipt of their report. A vote of thanks to Robin Carpenter for all his work in overseeing the development was proposed and CARRIED unanimously.
    5. Progress on Parish Plan; there were no further measures for village improvement forthcoming. The Parish Clerk was asked to raise awareness of the coming Diamond Jubilee and invite thoughts on potential village celebrations through the Messenger.
    1. Co-option of new Parish Councillor; Keith Blackwell OBE has put himself forward. Peter Bysouth proposed, Malcolm White seconded and it was unanimously agreed that Keith Blackwell be co-opted to the Parish Council.
    2. It was AGREED that David Beckley be appointed to the Personnel Committee.
    3. The Clerk reported that she has taken Parish Council minutes and accounts up to 2004 to the Somerset Heritage Centre where they will be placed on loan. She has also taken advice from the Somerset Association of Local Councils about requirements for retention of Council documents. She will investigate costs of two fireproof boxes (for Clerk and Chairman) for safe storage of accounts and copies of deeds.
    4. Parish Chest; the Parish Clerk reported that she had found out from old minutes and accounts that the chest was purchased for the Parish Council in 1896, and delivered by George White. Therefore the Parish Council is free to dispose of it as it sees fit. It was AGREED that St Mary’s Parochial Church Council (PCC) be approached to see whether they would like to have it for their own use, otherwise the Clerk to put a notice in the Messenger.
    1. Clerk's hours for November and December were CONFIRMED as submitted (40 hours).
    2. It was RESOLVED to make a donation of £120.00 to St Mary’s Hardington PCC.
    3. It was RESOLVED that £3000.00 be transferred from the reserve to current account to meet expenses.
    4. It was RESOLVED that the authorised signatories in the current mandate for the bank accounts of Hardington Mandeville Parish Council be changed to remove Rose White and to add Keith Blackwell.
    1. Report from Footpaths Representative; Robin Carpenter reported that he has replaced the footpath signpost at the east end of footpath Y10/46.
    2. Missing signpost at south end of Y10/19; Robin Carpenter reported that after some time the Police have interviewed local residents. The Parish Council now needs to consider whether to use waymark plates along the course of the path into Bishops Lane instead of putting up another post.
    1. In January 2012, the Lengthsman cleared out the ditch alongside the footpath from Springfield Stores to Moor Lane, cleared out drains in Wimborough Lane and rubbish from gully opposite sewage works, and cleared the exterior of the Village Hall.
    2. Peter Bysouth reported on the outcomes of a recent meeting about the Coker Division Lengthsman scheme; there would not be any assurance of future funding from SSDC, just a one-year supporting grant, so the cost of participating in the scheme would rise, as has already been anticipated in the Parish Council’s budget for next year. SSDC have pointed out that when the developers’ Infrastructure Levy takes effect in 2014, this would be a possible source of help for the Lengthsman scheme when development takes place in the parish. The next meeting about the scheme will be held on the 25th of September.
    3. Work for February;
      1. further work on the ditch alongside the footpath from Springfield Stores to Moor Lane.
      2. If possible, repair damaged east end of retaining wall at junction of Lynch Lane and North Lane.
    1. The date of 17th April was agreed.
    2. It was agreed that James Divall from SSDC be invited to speak. The Clerk was instructed to draw up and circulate to Councillors a list of village groups to be invited to give presentations.
    1. Correspondence to be circulated was noted.
    2. Correspondence received
      1. The Clerk informed the meeting that she had received and responded to (with help from Brian Dodd) a request from Somerset Community Council about the location of the telephone hub box, in connection with the roll-out of superfast broadband to rural areas.
      2. SSCVA are already sending funding updates to Parish Clerks, they are offering to also send out legal updates to interested persons.
      3. A community planning information event open to the public is to be held at Somerton on the 1st of March starting at 10 a.m.; places must be booked in advance.
      4. SSDC’s Area South Committee will consider the Draft Core Strategy at the Gateway Church Yeovil on the 7th of March, starting at 10 a.m.. The public may attend; Parish Clerk to find out what arrangements are for the public to speak at the meeting.
      5. The date and time of the next SALC meeting was noted.
  14. Press and public were then asked to leave the meeting for consideration of this item. The Parish Clerk left the meeting for this item.
    It was decided not to change the clerk’s salary at the present time, and to await the next annual review.
    1. Chairman; none
    2. Councillors; Peter Bysouth asked for information about the current situation regarding usage of the Stables, Partway Lane, in relation to planning permission.
    3. Parish Clerk; reminded Councillors of the need to report any apologies of absence directly to her, and confirmed that District Councillor Tony Fife and Area Manager Kim Close will attend the next Parish Council meeting.
    The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday the 20th of March 2012 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall. The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.