Review of Treasure Island 2017

There was much treasure to be found in this year's tremendously enjoyable pantomime. The Players once again staged a sparkling performance; the Junior Chorus, made up of Tabitha Bluck, Sophie Broom, Daisy Brown, Rosa Brown, Daniel Chapman, Liana Chapman, Sophie Clotworthy, Theo Galvani, Trina Gibbons, Frank Grave, Tilly Grave, Emily Martin, Rebecca Martin and Toby Woodcock and led by Caroline Sweetland sang and danced with practiced skill and cheered us all up. Widow Hawkins in the form of Andrew Middleton was outstanding and his costume and makeup an act of genius and as for "James" Billy "Bond"/Bones - all he lacked was an exploding car. My German is limited but even I could appreciate the hilarious repeated "Ja" spoken by Karen Clotworthy who managed to find great expression in just one word. Jon Margetts has clearly inherited his father's acting skill and Amie Gold was a golden talent indeed. The Beckleys were memorable (especially the ad libs) and once again David Cleaton proved that there is more to the Welsh than singing and rugby, so polished and outstanding was his acting. Jacqui Watkins, Irene Tizard and Jane Woodcock put in excellent performances and Elaine Gilmore really shone as Captain Smollett. Clare Middleton was convincingly bonkers as Ben Gunn and both John Gilmore and Alan Grassam were perfectly cast. Tanyas Tappers were a joy to watch and as for the village people - memorable - and they put a whole new meaning into a leather jacket and a white hard hat! Put this mass of acting talent together with Derek Richards' beautiful and clever sets and we were treated to a very good evening and one which made dull January seem a little less dreary.

Fiona Chadwick