The idea of a drama group in Hardington was conceived in the spring of 1984 born out of a necessity to raise funds for much needed improvements to the village hall, in particular the installation of new toilet facilities. Over the years the group has been a key contributor to the provision of funds for a number of projects within the hall.

In 1984 the, then, small but enthusiastic group of budding thespians began by 2009 - Not the Hardington Pantopooling their personal finances in order to build a stage in the village hall and as testament to the workmanship of those involved, the original stage remains, the boards of which have been trodden now for 23 years! The consensus within the group was to provide entertainment for the village which would be an inclusive and fun way of raising funds and thus the Pantomime Group was formed.

The first tentative production was a group-written adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk which, with a great deal of improvisation and make-do and mend, involved just about everyone in the village! Such was its success that the pantomime has become an annual fixture in village life and has increased its popularity year on year. Scripts have become more challenging over the years for both cast and production crews. One particular pantomime had to rely on a hastily installed generator and candles on opening night due to an "unpredicted" hurricane! Undeterred the show went on and played to a full house of hardy villagers for whom a mere hurricane was no deterrent! In addition to the annual pantomime the group has diversified and brought numerous forms of entertainment to the village.2010 - Ali Baba Particular mention must be made of the popular Old Time Music Hall and Victorian Melodrama evenings, and the tap dancing troupe which continues anew today with some original members!

Now calling itself The Hardington Players or simply The Players the group now boasts a new portable extension to the stage giving better scope for future productions and accommodation for larger casts. New drapes now adorn the stage and there is an ever increasing costume, props and lighting department. The Players have been incredibly lucky in the acquisition of the skills and talents and, indeed, commitment of so many people in the village. In turn they have been rewarded by the enthusiasm and support of the village and importantly initiated a love of performing arts amongst the younger members wherein lies the group's future.

With a newly formed well constituted committee and a healthy membership (new members are always welcome) it is hoped that The Players will continue to evolve, grow and improve ready to reach their 25 year anniversary in 2009 in style and in preparation for the next 25 years!