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Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions - Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status & any disability); Crime & Disorder, Health & Safety and Human Rights.
Nancy Chapman, Parish Clerk


Robin Carpenter (Chairman), Andy Webb, Ernest Kong, Clare Middleton, Malcolm White, Bill Turner, Paul Vallis and Gina Seaton (District Councillor).


Nancy Chapman (Parish Clerk) and 6 members of the public.

Before the meeting commenced there was an opportunity for the public to speak.

A parishioner asked the Parish Council if they had any further information regarding the Moor End Nursery site. The Chairman replied that he did and that he would be reporting this under section 6e.

The parishioner also enquired if the PC had any updates relating to Broadband provision in the village as there had been a lot of BT Openreach vans within the village in recent days. The Chairman replied that he also had information on this and would be reporting it under section 4.

    Apologies were received from Cathy Bakewell (District Councillor) and Marcus Fysh (County Councillor).
  2. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 15th NOVEMBER 2016 (Already Circulated)
    The minutes for November were approved and signed by the Chairman as correct records of the meeting.
    There were no declarations of interest.
    1. The Chairman attended the SALC Area Meeting on December 15th. There were 3 speakers:
      1. Paul Coles re Community Broadband. They plan to increase fibre coverage from 92% to 95% by the end of 2017. Residents can check availability at
        Following the meeting the Chairman queried the situation in Hardington. Residents of Hardington Moor are able to get Fibre optic connection, however it is currently not much better than the speeds of the current non-fibre connection. Residents of Hardington Mandeville use a different box and should be able to get about 40mbps. Paul Coles said they would work to resolve this issue so that Hardington Moor residents are also able to get the faster speed connection by the end of February. The Clerk agreed to include this information in the Messenger.
      2. Alistair Higton, SCC spoke regarding devolution and local productivity.
      3. Justin Robinson (SALC County Executive Officer). The capping proposals for precepts have been deferred for another year but remain under close review. Parish Councils should therefore think ahead as any big increases will need to be fully justified.
    2. The Chairman also attended the Coker Councils Forum on 6th January. The speakers included:
      • Matt Day, Community Council for Somerset (CCS, )
      • Chris Cooper, Yeovil Street Scene. The Chairman commented that it may be worth getting them to quote for Community Field maintenance on the next renewal.
      • Liz Maunder described the formation of a Community Land Trust in Norton.
      • Rhys Davies, Somerset Micro-enterprise project
      • Rick Pallister Explained changes to the structure planned by SSDC to achieve the saving of £4.8 million as required due to reduction of central government funding. Some staff losses are inevitable.
    Gina Seaton's report included details of the Citizens Advice Bureau South Somerset annual report and planning applications for Westlands Leisure Complex, Tyndall Nursing Home and Land North of Bunford Lane Yeovil (iAero - research and development incubator office and light engineering facility).
    A report from Cathy Bakewell had previously been circulated.
    1. Planning applications received after publication of this agenda:
    2. Planning applications received:
      App no: 16/05503/AGN Application for a proposed agricultural track at White Vine Farm, North Perrott. The Chairman reported that an update had been added to the SSDC website stating that permission was no longer required and so there was no need for the PC to comment on this.
    3. There were no planning applications received after publication of the agenda.
    4. Results of previous applications:
      1. App no: 16/04047/FUL The erection of an agricultural dwelling. Location: Land at Manor Farm, Lynch Lane. Applicant: Mr W E Turner. Application approved with conditions.
      2. App no:16/04555/AGN Application for a prior notification for a proposed agricultural track at White Vine Farm, North Perrott. Formal Planning application no longer required.
    5. There were no results of previous applications received after publication of the agenda.
    6. The Chairman reported that recent negotiations by a firm to purchase the Moor End Nursey site had fallen through and that the site was now going to be developed by a subsidiary of Halsall Homes. They have commented that they intend to use the scheme for 10 dwellings and to start work within 6 months.
    1. Neil's monthly report for December contained potholes and road surface issues on Moor Lane and near the entrance to Manor Farm.
    2. SSDC Streetscene team had carried out the drain unblocking on Monday and Neil felt it had been very successful. They attempted to unblock the 16 drains he had identified. The majority were now flowing except for the one near Hill End towards the Marsh, and the one on Primrose Hill. Neil said he would not expect the invoice to be much more than £170.
    3. Neil attended the Coker Councillors meeting with County Highways Portfolio Holder, David Fothergill and Marcus Fysh MP on Friday 13th January. Mr Fothergill spoke about their responsibilities and also gave details of projects at Stone Henge, the Yeovil Western Corridor and Bridgwater. Neil intends to write to David Fothergill to ask if rural parishes, such as Hardington, may benefit from some of the newly allocated funding.
    4. The Chairman reported that the eastern end of the wall at the top of North Lane is collapsing once again. Neil agreed to contact SCC Highways to enquire if they will fix it.
    5. The historic sign post at the Moor Lane junction has now been mended following a knock from a passing vehicle. This has been welded to SW Heritages specification at a cost of approx. £150. This is expected to be paid by the firm responsible.
    6. The Chairman has found another couple of possible volunteers to paint the village signposts. He also intends to investigate the cost of replacing the missing Crewkerne Finger on the Hill End/Pendomer signpost.
    1. The Clerk is still waiting to receive the contract from BT regarding the adoption of the Moor Lane junction phone kiosk.
    2. The Chairman agreed to contact Henry Siebert-Saunders of Ariel Atom to ask him if he'd consider speaking at the Annual Assembly on the 18th April, 2017. The Chairman and Clare Middleton gave their apologies as they are unable to attend the April meeting.
    3. It had been noted that newcomers to the village had not received the Welcome Pack. The Clerk agreed to put a note in the Messenger asking parishioners to notify the Chairman or Clerk when people move into the village. The Clark also agreed to update the Welcome pack.
    4. An email had been received from the SSDC Streetscene team inviting people to take part in "The Great British Spring Clean" campaign on the 3rd-5th March. The Clerk agreed to contact the WI to ask if they would like to take part in a joint event again, following a successful turnout for last year's "Clean for the Queen" event.
    5. Following complaints from a West Coker resident about the new house adjacent to the Nature Reserve, and a meeting to discuss it, English Nature have decided to go ahead with tree planting in the Nature Reserve, though the reason is now given as a means to increase bioversity.
    6. There were no other issues.
    1. The Chairman reported that a donation and thank you letter had been received from the Maclean family following the September wedding reception held at the Community Field.
    2. Another request to hold a wedding reception at the Community Field has been received from Amanda Dodge for 21st July 2018. A resolution was passed to grant permission for this.
    3. A Councillor reported that there is quite a lot of dog faeces in the Community Field that is not being cleared up. The Chairman felt this was mainly due to dogs that are left to roam in the area. The possibility of chicken wire around the field to prevent this was considered but this could be quite expensive. It was agreed to monitor the situation and if it continued further action would need to be taken.
    1. There were no issues.
    1. The Bank Reconciliation at 31st December 2016 was approved.
    2. The Budget Analysis at 31st December 2016 was discussed.
    3. Following discussion, a resolution was passed to approve the precept of £15,000 for 2017-18. Ernest questioned why the Parish Council pays £20 a month to hire the Village Hall for its meeting. The Clerk agreed to contact the Village Hall Committee to understand the history behind this payment.
    4. The Clerk's hours for November (21 hours) and December (2.5 hours) were approved.
    5. A resolution was passed to pay the Clerk salary for October, November and December (£445.00), expenses (£37.70 (inc VAT £3.32)) and mileage (£10.80) = £493.50
    6. A resolution was passed to pay the following:
      BT (Phone kiosk adoption) £1.00
    1. The Chairman reported that Les Braunton had now returned to work and would be visiting the village to discuss some of the latest footpath issues, including the required maintenance to the path between the Post Office and Moor Lane (Y10/51) and the road surface at Backhouse Lane.
    2. There was no update regarding the Coldharbour Lane status modification.
    3. The Chairman reported that he had restored the sign post that went "missing" on Y10/9 and also enlarged the new dog slide.
    4. Ernest thanked Sam Turner for cutting the verges along the bridleway from Moor Lane to North Lane.
    1. The following tasks have been completed:
      • Drain tops cleared in preparation for drain sucker.
      • New footsteps on stile on path Y10/11.
      • Installation of a dog slide for stile at top of steps on Y10/9.
    2. The following tasks were added to the Ranger's list:
      • Clearing of drain gullies along Penn Lane from top of High Street to Pendomer House.
      • Clearing of leaves around the Village Hall and church walls.
      • Clear over-hanging branches on the bridleway Y10/51.
    1. The Chairman reported that the Plunkett Foundation was a possible resource regarding Assets of Community Value if required in the future.
    2. A CIL workshop is being held on 14th February at Woolavington 1.30-4pm.
    3. PCC and Chief Constable Public Forum Thursday, 2nd February, 7-9pm (SSDC Council Offices, Brympton Way).
    4. The PCC for Avon and Somerset, Sue Mountstevens, will also be speaking at the next Coker Councils' Forum on Thursday 2nd March 2017, 7-9pm to be held at East Coker Village Hall. The Chairman commented that he is unable to attend this meeting and asked if any other Councillors could attend.
    1. Chairman: Nothing to report.
    2. Councillors: Nothing to report.
    3. Clerk: The Clerk reported that due to reasons beyond her control, emails from the Clerk Rocketmail account to all BT Internet addresses were being rejected as Spam. Unless BT or Yahoo can agree a resolution to this, then a new Clerk email address may have to be created. In the interim Councillors agreed to use their alternative email addresses.
    The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st February 2017 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. The meeting closed at 8.55pm.

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