Friends of Hardington Community Space - FOHCS

Friends of Hardington Community Space (FOHCS) was born out of the Parish Council working party, which obtained planning permission for change of use of the land at North Lane. It soon became apparent that in order to apply for grants to help fund the project, an independent group would need to be set up Map of playing field areaand so FOHCS was born. The group exists to fundraise for and facilitate the establishment of Hardington Community Space. All are welcome to participate and indeed any help or ideas for fundraising would be greatly appreciated. Regular updates on progress so far will appear both here and in The Messenger. Following the FOHCS meeting on 9th March 2011, the Committee has made a number of documents available for public viewing.

They are as follows:

  1. Constitution of FOHCS
  2. Plans:
    1. Top field
    2. Bottom Field
    3. Main Gate Plan
    4. Pedestrian Gate Plan
  3. Minutes/Agenda:
    1. Initial working party established by PC
      12th January 2010
      3rd February 2010
      3rd March 2010
    2. FOHCS
      1st December 2010
      26th January 2011
      30th March 2011
      18th May 2011
      AGM 18th May 2011
      29th June 2011. Note (added 20th September): due to an oversight, the tender figures quoted in the June 2011 minutes were not comparative.
      25th July 2011
      31st August 2011
      16th November 2011
      11th January 2012
      23rd February 2012
      29th March 2012
      4th July 2012
      13th September 2012
      14th November 2012