Map of playing field area

Hardington Mandeville Community Field Conditions Of Use

  1. The use of the field for events such as private receptions will only be allowed for residents of the parish of Hardington Mandeville, at the discretion of the parish council.
  2. The field will remain available to members of the public at all times.
  3. Marquees and associated structures shall be limited to the top half of the football area, so that ball games can still be played on the lower, southern half. (See map)
  4. The erection of marquees and associated structures must be done within 48hrs of the event, and removed on the next working day after the event.
  5. The Parish Council is not responsible for private events held on the Community Field. Any aspect of the event itself is the responsibility of the organiser and they may wish to consider arranging their own insurance.
  6. If the event is open to the general public we will require proof of Public Liability Insurance.
  7. The user may need to obtain a Temporary Event Notice reference supply of drinks and entertainment, please contact South Somerset District Council.
  8. Please ensure that bands and discos do not play after midnight.
  9. The Parish Council will expect a donation for each use. A figure of £300-500 (negotiable) is suggested for an event such a wedding reception.


Nancy Chapman, parish clerk, 01935 862073