Hardington Mandeville Village Hall Committee

Registered Charity No. 304551

Trustees' Annual Report & Accounts

1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

Address: High Street, Hardington Mandeville, Yeovil, BA22 9PQ

Charity Trustees who manage the Charity

Name Office Body Entitled to Appoint Trustee
Peter Bysouth Chairman Co-opted
Daphne Creed Secretary Parochial Church Council
Karen Dodge Elected
John Gilmore Treasurer Elected
Fran Grave Elected
Sian Jinks Elected
Linda Lines Women's Institute
Bill Turner Parish Council
Jacqui Watkins Hardington Players
Val Willcox Garden Club

Custodian Trustee

Hardington Mandeville Parish Council


Santander plc, Bootle, Merseyside, L30 4GB


There are no employees. However, Karen Clotworthy acts as the Village Hall's Bookings Secretary on a voluntary basis.

Structure, Governance & Management

The Charity was set up by a Trust Deed dated 26 September 1968. The Village Hall Committee is the Managing Trustee, and is made up of 5 elected and 5 appointed members. The 5 elected members are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, and the 5 appointed representatives are appointed annually by their respective organisations. Up to 5 Trustees may also be co-opted. All Trustees give their time voluntarily and receive no remuneration or other benefits.

Objectives & Activities

The Village Hall is for the use of the inhabitants of Hardington Mandeville and the neighbourhood without distinction of sex or political, religious or other opinions, and in particular for the use for meetings, lectures, classes, and for other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation, with the object of improving the conditions of life of the said inhabitants.

Main Activities

The Committee met 8 times during the year and, in planning our activities, we kept in mind the Charity Commission's guidance on public benefits at these meetings. The focus of our activities was to continue to maintain and enhance the physical fabric of the building, so that it could be a community base and resource for the users.

A great contribution is made to the Hall by volunteers. We would not have been able to have achieved so much without their valuable contribution of time, energy and expertise.

Achievements and Performance

As the result of a lot of work and research by our Treasurer, John Gilmore, we decided to install 10 electric radiators - 6 in the Main Hall, one on the stage, 2 to replace the storage heaters in the toilets, and one in the table / chair storeroom. The new heating system was then run continuously so that the dampness which has been a problem in the Hall could be dealt with. The boiler room is now empty, and can be used for other purposes. The removal of the oil tank means it is much easier to park around the side of the Hall, and people have already started to do so.

Now that damp problem has been dealt with, it was decided to repaint the Hall. The opportunity was taken to make the Hall more attractive to users. The redundant picture rails were removed; new plug sockets were fitted; the curtains were replaced with blinds; the window surrounds were repaired and a new window sill fitted. However, the most noticeable change was chasing in the electric trunking to give the Hall a much more uncluttered appearance. We also took the opportunity to chase in trunking for new wall lights, should we decide we wanted these in future

The Reception Area has received attention - new, matching notice boards have been fitted; the curtains have been cleaned; there is a clock that works; the area has been repainted.

The taps in the Ladies' toilets needed replacing, so we also took the opportunity to fit new sinks, worktop, cupboard and flooring. It also made financial sense to fit new flooring in the Men's toilets as well, and to repaint the corridor to the toilets at the same time.

We have received very positive comments about the improvements that have been made. The new heating is popular, as the Hall is warm when users arrive, but is flexible enough to provide an immediate boost if required. The absence of noise from the hot air ducting has been a major benefit.

Financial Review

We hold cash at bank of £5,096, all of which is unrestricted. Our main sources of funds this year were hire charges; fund raising and donations. In addition, there was a useful income from the Feed-In Tariff generated by our solar PV panels. The financial support of the Parish Council was substantial and greatly appreciated. This year they used their grant to pay for the new heating system (£12,917); the works in the main hall (£1,884); and the works in the Ladies' toilets (£1,839). These figures are not shown in the Accounts, as these projects were funded directly by the Parish Council so that VAT could be recovered.

We would also thank all those who have raised funds for the hall - Stewart Ogden and the Street Fayre team; Jack Clotworthy and the Bonfire Night team; the Women-s Institute; the Yeovil Rotary Club; and the Hardington Players

Future Plans

The Village Hall Committee's main focus in 2017/18 is to create a Business Plan to guide and inform our planning and decisions for the next three to five years. There are many projects that need undertaking, and they need prioritising and costing. Some of the things we need to consider (although the list is not exhaustive) are external repairs and repainting; works on the stage area (in conjunction with the Players); the main hall ceiling and insulation; the main hall floor; the garage and storage areas; car parking; lighting; disabled access and provision; and a PA system and hearing loop; In addition there are all sorts of administrative things to do - reviewing our conditions of hire and hire charges; publicising and marketing the Hall; updating our policies and risk assessments; identifying and encouraging new users; improving our communications; improving our finances; reducing our environmental impact; meeting the Community Council's Hallmark standards; and looking at how we organise and manage ourselves. Our aim is to produce a Plan showing the actions, improvements and projects to get us from where we are now to where we want to be, and showing how we will monitor and evaluate our progress.


The trustees declare they have approved the trustees' report above

Signed (Chairman)

Peter John Bysouth
7 May 2017

Receipts & Payments Accounts

1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

Receipts 2017 2016
Hall Hire & Meters £3,292 £1,937
Fundraising £2,125 £1,863
Street Fayre £4,488 £3,476
Donations £1,557 £105
Sale of Oil Tank £ 717 £0
Solar PV £ 906 £0
£13,085 £7,382
Repairs /Maintenance £2,186 £3,187
Cleaning/Sundries £1,112 £1,537
Street Fayre £3,025 £ 125
Toilet Refurbishment £1,724 £0
Solar PV Panels £0 £8,529
Removal of oil / tank £1,140 £0
Utilities £4,003 £3,134
£13,190 £16,512

Statement of Assets and Liabilities

Cash Funds

Deposit Account £ 209 Balance Brought Forward £ 5,201
Current Account £3,067 Receipts £13,085
Cash £1,820 Payments -£13,190
£5,096 Balance at 31.03.2017 £ 5,096

Other Monetary Assets

Hire Charges outstanding £140

Assets retained for charity's own use

The Village Hall retains tables, chairs, kitchen equipment and cleaning equipment, which are all for unrestricted use.


March Electricity £451
Decorator £750
Blinds £170


  1. There are no Restricted Funds or Endowment Funds.
  2. These Receipts and Payments Accounts do not include works paid direct to suppliers by the Parish Council.
  3. The Street Fayre payment of £3,025 includes £1,958 paid to the Church as their share of the profits.
  4. The Village Hall has no investment assets.