Highways Maintenance

Somerset County Council (SCC) is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the highways throughout the county. It employs Highways Inspectors to identify defects which require maintenance or other attention. In order to speed the repair of defects within the parish boundary (and beyond, when villagers may be affected) the Parish Council (PC) sends a report monthly to SCC. The parish includes Hardington Mandeville, Hardington Moor and Hardington Marsh.

The majority of reports concern potholes or blocked drains, but can include anything which impacts upon use of the highway. SCC responds to the PC's report by sending the inspector to assess any reported defects. If potholes are deeper than 40mm they will normally be repaired within 28 days. If they are deeper than 100mm, or represent a safety hazard, they may be repaired much more quickly, and sometimes within 24 hours. Defects assessed by the PC as requiring more urgent attention than the monthly report are normally notified by email outside the monthly reporting cycle, and added to the following month's report for the record.

The PC's monthly report is assembled by its Highways Representative, but any villager who is aware of a defect can report it, either to the PC's representative or, for more immediate attention, directly to SCC. Guidance on reporting is available on the SCC website at: www.somerset.gov.uk/roads-parking-and-transport/problems-on-the-road/report-a-pothole-or-road-defect/. This web address leads to an excellent interactive location marking map, to save complicated directions to any defect.

Contact details

SCC Highways reporting Line: 0300 123 2224 (if reporting by phone make a note of the incident reference number, in case you want to follow it up) or by email to roadsandtransportSD@somerset.gov.uk

PC Highways Representative: Neil Dyer on 863706 or by email to hardingtonhighways@btinternet.com

The report submitted by the PC appears on this website over a rolling 12 month period. Responses provided by SCC are annotated on the report in red. The latest report is below: