The Minutes of the previous meeting October 2014)


Members were reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions - Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status & any disability); Crime & Disorder, Health & Safety and Human Rights.
Nancy Chapman, Parish Clerk


Robin Carpenter (Chairman), Peter Bysouth (Vice Chairman), Bill Turner, Malcolm White, Paul Vallis, Vanessa May, Andy Webb, Gina Seaton (District Councillor) and Marcus Fysh (County Councillor).


Nancy Chapman (Parish Clerk) and 28 members of the public.
Before the meeting commenced there was an opportunity for the public to speak:

A parishioner thanked Neil Dyer and Bill Turner for all their work relating to getting drains cleared. They felt Bill had done a great job of work that SCC highways should be doing.

A parishioner spoke regarding the application to site a mobile home at Manor farm Cottage. They felt the mobile home would not be in-keeping with the character of the village and were concerned what would become of the cottage in the future. Is the intention to carry out the necessary repair work or would the cottage be allowed to fall into a further state of disrepair? They would prefer to see an alternative solution. Another parishioner also spoke against the application. They were particularly concerned that the current state of the chimney could be dangerous. The Chairman confirmed that the application was for the permanent siting of a mobile home.

    Apologies were received from Cathy Bakewell (District Councillor).
  2. MINUTES OF MEETING held on 21st October 2014 (Already Circulated).
    1. The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as correct records of the meeting.
    Bill Turner declared an interest in agenda item 6a re Manor Farm Cottage.
    Robin Carpenter declared an interest in item 6a re Weavers Cottage.
    1. The Chairman reported that Peter Bysouth and he had attended the South Somerset Together Housing Assembly. They heard reports from housing projects in Chiselborough and Queen Camel and details of housing provided for adults with learning projects. Key speakers shared their views into better ways to house present and future generations including land supply, lifetime homes and community land trusts.
    Gina Seaton reported that the Holywell planning application had been refused at the Area South meeting on the grounds of over-development. Gina had received details relating to the housing needs register and of the 2322 applicants registered with SSDC only 1 has nominated Hardington Mandeville as their area of first choice. The Chairman informed Gina that he had emphasized the importance of anyone in the village interested in affordable housing needing to be included on the register, in the last edition of the Messenger.

    The full Council meeting reviewed the proposed modifications to the Local Plan. This included removing the East/North Coker buffer zone. While Gina and Cathy were against the buffer zone being removed, they were out-voted.

    The council also considered the proposal to change the Taxi licensing policy to require all newly registered taxis to be disabled accessible up to a target of 50% of taxis. This could have potentially put some smaller firms out of business and in the end a compromise of 20% was agreed.

    The Chairman then read Cathy Bakewell’s written report.

    Marcus Fysh reported that there are two important County consultations in progress. The first was the Somerset Library Service and the second was for bus services. Both consultations aimed to reduce the current costs of provision.
    1. The following planning application was discussed:
      1. App no: 14/03140/FUL Demolition of existing dwellinghouse and Southernmost barn, erection of replacement dwellinghouse, conversion of former agricultural buildings to domestic ancillary use including parking/storage & creation of courtyard garden in former farmyard at Broad Farm, Broad Hill, Hardington Mandeville. There were no objections.
      2. App no: 14/04941/FUL The erection of a two storey extension to rear of dwellinghouse (revised part retrospective). Hill End Cottage, Hill End. Applicant: Mr Martin Pease. There were no objections.
      3. The Chairman explained that the planning application for Weaver’s Cottage related to placing a new alarm on his grade C listed house. The council agreed it was not necessary for the Chairman to leave the room.
        App no: 14/04704/LBC The carrying out of minor external alterations to north gable end at Weavers Cottage, Moor Lane. Applicant: Mr Robin Carpenter. There were no objections.
      4. App no: 14/04994/FUL Use of land for the siting of a mobile home at Manor Farm Cottage. Applicant: Mrs Amy Knight. The Chairman explained that the application was for a permanently sited mobile home, immediately behind the cottage and fully serviced with water, electricity and drainage. Cathy Bakewell has been working with SSDC and Social Services to secure the funding for this as it has been deemed to be unsafe and unfit for habitation. The Parish Council were concerned that the derelict house may be left to fall into a further state of disrepair, and that the siting of a mobile home so close to the house may in fact prevent building work from being carried out to the house in the future. The Chairman read a letter from a parishioner stating they were against the application. Following further discussion, the council resolved to object to the application due to its permanence and hoped that alternative options could be considered.
    2. There were no planning applications received after publication of the agenda.
    3. There were no results of previous applications received after publication of the agenda.
    4. The Chairman reported that Halsall Homes had submitted their plans for the former Moor End Nursery site. The Clerk should receive the plans in the next few days and the council would have 21 days to respond. As there is no PC meeting scheduled for December, the council agreed to schedule an extraordinary meeting for Tuesday 2nd December at 7.30pm to discuss the application.
    5. The Chairman had spoken to Simon Fox regarding the outline application for the erection of an agricultural worker’s dwelling at Woodentop Farm, West Coker Hill. Simon Fox had attended a site meeting with Mr Richards and a Mr Williams, who the council has commissioned to appraise the application. They were now waiting for his report so that a formal recommendation could be made.
    6. There were no other planning issues.
    1. Neil Dyer’s monthly report included continuing road surface issues along North Lane and drainage problems near the entrance to the community field.
    2. Neil received a response from SCC Highways stating that the wide area at the top right of Bishop’s Lane is a turning bay and should not be used for parking. It was agreed Neil would obtain a sign from SCC to clarify this.
    3. As the council still had a number of grit bags provided by SCC from last year, it was agreed that it would not be necessary to collect any more this year. The Chairman had checked the grit bins in the parish and had the following details for the clerk to provide to SCC regarding the fullness of the bins:
      Primrose Hill - 80% , Lyatts - 60%, Pig Hill - 100%, North Lane - 80%, High Street - 60%, Elliots Hill- 80%, West Coker Hill - 90%, Hill End - 100%.
    4. Malcolm White commented that surface water on the road above Chasers Farm was still a problem. When SCC looked at this last year they had said this was the responsibility of the landowner to remedy. Bill Turner agreed to investigate this.
    1. The council discussed the proposed removal of the BT public payphone opposite the Mandeville Arms. If the council are to adopt it, they will be responsible for maintaining it. One option would be to use it to house the new defibrillator, but not everyone felt this was the right location. It was agreed the phone should be adopted and its use could be decided on at a later date.
    2. The Chairman is still awaiting responses regarding possible funding for the defibrillator.
    3. The Messenger team have received a 600 grant from SSDC to help with printing costs. The next edition of the Messenger will be printed in the new A5 format by Martock Church at a cost of approximately 37.
    4. The village litter pick is planned for 22nd November at 10am. The Chairman agreed to collect the necessary equipment.
    5. The SCC Consultation on library services had already been mentioned by Marcus. The clerk reported that the 3 mobile library stops in Hardington are currently not on the proposal for removal.
    1. The Chairman reported that the 3 new signs should be completed soon.
    2. The carpenter building the Gazebo will let the Chairman know the base dimensions in the near future so that a base can be constructed. The Chairman believes the most suitable location for the Gazebo is between the swings and the football pitch, but would like to hear views from others on this.
    1. The Chairman read highlights of the new SSDC “Policy on audio/visual recording and photography at Council Meetings”. A resolution was passed to adopt the document for Hardington Mandeville Parish Council.
    1. The Vice Chairman discussed the first draft of the precept application for 2015-16. It included an amount to help fund the defibrillator. The clerk was asked to determine the amount SSDC charge the Parish council if an election is required in 2015.
    2. The Clerk’s hours for October (22 hours) were confirmed.
    3. A resolution was passed to pay the following invoices:
      SSDC Annual Premises Licence – Hardington & Pendomer Community Licence 70.00
    1. The Chairman reported that the SCC (no.5) Modification order re Coker Hill Lane being designated a bridleway had been confirmed.
    2. The Chairman explained that while the cost of modifying a footpath/bridleway is usually quite expensive, if the land in question is dedicated (ie. The landowner gives permission for the modification, the cost is usually significantly less. Ernest Kong has said he would be happy to dedicate the footpath between Moor Lane and North Lane as a Bridleway. The Chairman agreed to follow this up.
    3. A confirmed order for a footpath diversion at Kingswood Farm has been received.
      The following jobs are to be added to the Ranger’s task list.
      • Clearing of the hedgecuttings from the ditch along North lane up to the Nature reserve and also the drain on the corner of the nature reserve.
      • Further hedge-trimming along Ridge lane.
      • Clearing the drains and gullies from Pen Cross to Lyatts.
    1. None
    1. Chairman: Nothing to report.
    2. Councillors: Nothing to report.
    3. Clerk: Nothing to report.
    The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd December 2014 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall. The meeting closed at 9.18 pm.