The Minutes of the previous meeting (April 2011)


Members were reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions - Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status & any disability); Crime & Disorder, Health & Safety and Human Rights.
Liz Raymont, Parish Clerk


Robin Carpenter (Chairman), Peter Bysouth, Vanessa May, Rose White and Bill Turner.


Liz Raymont (Parish Clerk), Cathy Bakewell (County and District Councillor), Gina Seaton (District Councillor) and 2 members of the public.

Before the meeting commenced there was an opportunity for the public to speak.

A representative from Hardington Players asked the Council to review the Village Hall Insurance as they had understood that they were covered for public liability under the Village Hall policy. This appears not to be the case. It was agreed to put this on the agenda for June. Peter Bysouth agreed to bring it up at the next VHC meeting.

A member of the public wished to draw the Council’s attention to the public inquiry taking place regarding Woodentop Farm.

    David Beckley, Malcolm White.
    1. Robin Carpenter was elected Chairman and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office. Proposed by Peter Bysouth and seconded by Rose white. This was unanimous.
    2. Peter Bysouth was elected Vice Chairman. Proposed by Rose White and seconded by Bill Turner. This was unanimous.
    3. It was unanimously agreed that Peter Bysouth would continue as Village Hall Representative. Proposed by Robin Carpenter and seconded by Rose White.
    4. It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk would continue as Messenger Reporter. Proposed Peter Bysouth and seconded Vanessa May.
    5. Highways Representative. As Rob Lloyd was not present this was moved forward to the June agenda.
    6. It was unanimously agreed that Robin Carpenter would continue as Footpaths Representative with Rose White acting as deputy. Proposed by Bill Turner and seconded by Vanessa May.
    7. It was unanimously agreed that Vanessa May would act as the Parish Environment Officer. Proposed Robin Carpenter and seconded Bill Turner.
    8. All members present completed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office and a new Register of Interests form was given to all present.
  3. MINUTES OF MEETINGS HELD ON 19th April 2011 (Already Circulated).
    1. The minutes were approved and signed.
    • Item 7a and d – Bill Turner and Robin Carpenter expressed a personal and prejudicial interest.
    Gina Seaton, the new District Councillor for the Coker ward, introduced herself to the members and is looking forward to working with the members.

    Cathy Bakewell (County and District Councillor) advised the members that all District Councillors are currently receiving training following the election. County Council is pressing for further action on superfast broadband in rural areas to provide support to local businesses. Eleven libraries are to be passed into community ownership. Seven in autumn 2011 and 5 in spring 2012. No decision has yet been taken on the mobile library service.

    1. Planning Applications received - None.
    2. Any planning applications received after publication of this agenda: Advice of forthcoming public inquiry into appeal in respect of application decision reference 09/00609/FUL. Appeal reference APP/R3325/A/10/2126980/NWF by Mr Paul Richards. Proposal: The erection of a livestock shed for the keeping of wild boar at Woodentop Farm West Coker Hill. NOTED. No further action and nothing to add to the member’s letter sent October 2010.

      Advice of forthcoming public inquiry into appeal in respect of application decision reference 10/00332/FUL. Appeal reference APP/R3325/A/10/2126982 by Mr Paul Richards. Proposal: The stationing of a temporary agricultural worker mobile home and the erection of a 6.5 metre high wind turbine at Woodentop Farm West Coker Hill. NOTED. No further action and nothing to add to the member’s letter sent October 2010.

    3. Results of previous applications: App no 11/01145/OUT Mr W Turner. Erection of agricultural workers dwelling. Lime Kiln Farm, Hardington Mandeville and current planning status of the mobile home being used at Manor Farm. Bill Turner and Robin Carpenter left the meeting. Peter Bysouth stood in as Chair. The clerk read a response received from planning confirming that planning consent is required for the temporary dwellings at Lime Kiln Farm and Manor Farm and that both cases will be passed to the enforcement officer.
    4. Dealt with under c). Bill Turner and Robin Carpenter rejoined the meeting.
    5. Clerk reported that the removal of the section of road hedge at 1 Hill End has been referred to the planning department for confirmation whether planning consent is required for removal of hedgerow.
    1. Report from Rob Lloyd, Highways Representative. None.
    2. Grit bin for Lyatts. Will retain purchase of new bin for Lyatts on agenda for August/September.
    3. Robin Carpenter commented that the drain cover at Wimborough Lane has still not been repaired. Cathy Bakewell agreed to tale this up with Highways.
    1. Recreation Ground at North Lane – Rose White gave a brief update on progress so far. The group is ready to move forward and obtain tenders from local contractors but no further action will be taken until lease is finalised and signed. She advised that she intends to step down as Chair at the AGM due to personal commitments. The AGM for FOHCS will be held 18th May 2011 at Midway.
      1. Employment of Louise Baugh. Quotation supplied to all members by email as requested. NOTED
      2. Costs incurred to date. Invoice from Swan Paul £761.50 plus reclaimable VAT £152.30 Total £913.80 RESOLVED Proposed Vanessa May, seconded Robin Carpenter.
      3. Estimated phase one costs. Not yet available. Peter Bysouth advised that he has been approached by various parishioners who are keen to know the scale of costs that will be incurred on the project. Rose White confirmed that as soon as figures are available they will be made available. FOHCS will continue to communicate via the Messenger and
    2. Current situation regarding leasehold of land. Clerk confirmed that a draft lease has been reviewed by herself, Robin Carpenter and Peter Bysouth. A number of small queries were highlighted and have been referred to Brian Bennett for clarification.
    3. Queen Elizabeth II Field Challenge. Clerk confirmed that this will not now be included in the initial lease, at the recommendation of the Fields in Trust organisation, but dealt with once the lease is signed. Rose White also drew attention to a query raised by a member of the FOHCS team who suggested that the PC should ensure that designating the field as a QEll Field will not restrict the grants that can be applied for.
    4. Legal cost to date. The clerk has asked Brian Bennett to give the PC a rough estimate. He has suggested that they will not be significant.
    5. H M Parish Plan Review - Vanessa May has produced a strategic review of the Parish Plan and suggested that she meet with Peter, along with the clerk to clarify and update. Date agreed 15th June at Midway.

    Peter Bysouth advised that he has had clarification from SALC of the status of the Recreation Ground Committee.

    As a Committee established by the PC it had acted within its powers in appointing Louise Baugh. It could also take financial decisions, although it was advisable to secure approval from the PC first (otherwise Parish Councillors could find themselves personally liable for payments if the full Parish Council did not agree them).

    FOHCS should be viewed as a separate body. Provided they had no rights of management over the community space (i.e. they received no benefit), they could raise funds and pay the money to the PC. This money could then only be used by the PC for the specific purpose for which FOHCS had been established. Agreement of the terms and conditions of the Recreation Ground Committee will be placed on the agenda for June.

    1. Resignation of Clerk. Notice given until 31st July 2011 to allow for hand over. NOTED
    2. Recruitment of New Clerk – Current situation. 2 people have expressed interest but have not applied. Robin Carpenter will follow these up.
      Clerk will re advertise in Messenger and place advert on village website. Also will approach SSDC to advertise within the Council, approach Amanda Whitlock at West Coker and prepare a draft advertisement to be agreed with Robin Carpenter and placed in the Western Gazette. Clerk was asked to approach SALC for pay scale for clerks.
    3. HMRC PAYE Implementation. Clerk reported that she has established procedure for this and has registered PC with HMRC. Suggests that the PC makes a single final payment to Clerk once employment is complete.
    4. Risk Assessment for Audit. RESOLVED. Proposed Peter Bysouth seconded Vanessa May.
    1. Agreed Audit to be returned by 1st June 2011. RESOLVED Proposed Rose White, seconded Vanessa May.
    2. Final Payment for Village Hall Hire. None required. NOTED
    3. Current Account balance and transfer to Reserve. Clerk will retain balance of £3000 in current account as agreed and transfer remaining funds to reserve. NOTED
    4. Budget Analysis for this year. NOTED
    5. Final salary payment for clerk 2010/11 £101.26 as per EJR’s calculation agreed by PB. Payment to be included in final settlement to clerk at termination of employment. RESOLVED proposed Rose White seconded Robin Carpenter.
    6. Clerk to reclaim outstanding VAT. (£286.72) NOTED
    7. Confirmation of Clerk’s hours for April 2011 (19.5 hours). NOTED
    1. Report from Footpath Representative. Stile at Y10/20 needs reconfiguring to allow dogs to get through. Robin Carpenter has spoken to landowner and they have agreed as long as it is lamb proof. Will be added to Lengthsman’s list.
    1. NOTED Work carried out in April.
    2. Work for this month.
      1. Tidy around Village Hall.
      2. Finish painting sign at junction of Penn Lane and Barry Lane. Also sign at Hill End needs refreshing.
      3. Strim path between Moor Lane and Post Office.
      4. Cut back overhanging hedge at Blackhouse Lane.
      5. Strim path at Y10/4.
      6. Y10/20 from Broadstone Lane - trim vegetation from steps up from road, and make dog slider in stile at first boundary towards Prospect Farm. I have spoken to Jenny White who has agreed to this, but the slider must be fitted so that it cannot be removed, will shut by gravity, and be stock (including small lamb) proof. Some strimming may also be needed on the South end of this path as it runs towards and past the farm.
      7. Strim Y10/19 from Bishops Lane running south.
      8. Y10/45 behind church. Clear vegetation around stile.
    1. Correspondence to be circulated.
      1. Hardington Mandeville Village Hall Accounts YE 2011.
      2. Area South SALC Agenda Meeting Monday 13th June, Mudford Village Hall. Rose White may be able to attend.
      3. SSVCA event on Localism Bill, 15th June 9.30am until 4pm Yeovil Area venue tbc.
      4. Notification of road closure Haselbury Plucknett 17th May for 6 weeks. Wessex Water replacing main.
      5. Letter from Mandeville Arms read to the members. Helen Johnson advised that the pub will be going on the market with ‘Stags’ shortly.
    1. Chairman. Nothing to report.
    2. Councillors. Nothing to report.
    3. Clerk. Nothing to report.
    The next meeting will be on 21st June 2011 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. The meeting closed at 9.18pm.