The Minutes of the previous meeting (May 2011)


Members were reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions - Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status & any disability); Crime & Disorder, Health & Safety and Human Rights.
Liz Raymont, Parish Clerk


Robin Carpenter (Chairman), Peter Bysouth, Vanessa May, Malcolm White, David Beckley and Bill Turner.


Liz Raymont (Parish Clerk), Cathy Bakewell (County and District Councillor), Gina Seaton (District Councillor) and one member of the public.

Before the meeting commenced there was an opportunity for the public to speak. A member of the public asked about the financing of the Community Space. Robin Carpenter referred them to the May minutes where the current situation is noted.

    Rose White.
  2. MINUTES OF MEETINGS HELD ON 17th May 2011 (Already Circulated).
    1. The minutes were amended slightly and approved and signed.
    • Item 6d – Bill Turner and Robin Carpenter expressed a personal and prejudicial interest.
    Gina Seaton, the new District Councillor for the Coker ward reported that elections to the various offices within SSDC have been taking place and that all households have received a newsletter giving details of this. She is going to be doing a tour of the area with Mike Fear from Somerset Highways to talk about any highways problems. If there are any queries then she is happy to raise then with him. Rob Lloyd offered to attend with her to talk through the particular problems with North Lane. The Core Strategy Consultation continues and she advised that she is happy to raise any queries the parishioners and councillors may have. The winter maintenance budget is to be maintained at the same level this year and the 10 additional bags of grit will be available to councils to use as they wish. A date will be set for these to be collected.

    Cathy Bakewell (County and District Councillor) advised the members that Somerset County Council and Devon County Council have been successful in their bid to secure funding to improve broadband provision across the regions. She also advised that the district council is continuing with its environmental maintenance program and the verges on unclassified and C roads will be cut by 8th August. A second cut of classified A and B road will be done by the end of August. Whilst no amenity weed control will take place, a variety of aggressive weeds, such as Japanese Knotweed, will be treated. The mobile library service will reduce to 2 mobile units and Hardington is on the route operating from Wincanton on a 4 week schedule. The Library will visit Hardington on a 4 weekly schedule and will be here first thing on the Tuesday. It will no longer stop at the bottom of the village. Use of the Waste Recycling Centre in Crewkerne has reduced since the introduction of charges and she asked that people support it to ensure its continuation. The Clerk was asked to put this in the Messenger.

    1. Planning Applications received. App no 11/01931/HDG Ruth Jones on behalf of Wessex Water. Removal of 2 x 5m sections of hedgerow at Partway Lane. No objections. App no 11/01995/FUL Mr and Mrs Lewis, Rolling Hills, Closworth Parish. Demolish single storey extension, erection of 2 storey extension with balcony. No objections.
    2. Any planning applications received after publication of this agenda. None.
    3. Results of previous applications: App no 11/01145/OUT Mr W Turner. Erection of agricultural workers dwelling. Lime Kiln Farm, Hardington Mandeville. Application withdrawn. NOTED. Mr Turner also advised that following discussions with the planning officer the proposed dwelling is acceptable and he will be resubmitting the application with the relevant amendments to the planting scheme. After which the planning situation regarding the second mobile home will be considered.
    4. Current planning status of the mobile home being used at Manor Farm. Mr Turner advised that he is waiting for the enforcement officer at SSDC to contact him.
    1. Report from Rob Lloyd, Highways Representative. The tyres that have become visible at the top of North Lane will be removed by SSDC. He advised that the surface of North Lane is in a very poor state. The 3 issues are the general surface, the potholes near the bridge and the general state of the road adjacent to the entrance to the Community Space. The sale for the cottage at the top of the lane will inevitably lead to an increase in potentially heavy traffic and so he is to meet with the highways officer to consider how the situation can be improved.
    2. Grit bin for Lyatts. Bill Turner proposed that a new bin is purchased to be situated at the bottom of Lyatts, on the verge and accessible to the dwellings thereabouts. Seconded Vanessa May. Also David Beckley proposed that a replacement bin be purchased for Elliot’s Hill and placed on a small concrete base, to which it can then be secured. Seconded Malcolm White. The clerk was instructed to purchase 2 bins and Bill turner agreed to store them.
    1. Recreation Ground at North Lane – Update from FOHCS. Nothing further to report at this stage as the lease is still outstanding.
    2. Response to tenders. At the time of the meeting only 2 responses had been received and these will be considered at the next FOHCS meeting.
    3. Current situation regarding leasehold of land. Clerk confirmed that the PC is ready to sign the proposed lease; however there is a last minute technical hitch with the Charities Commission and the Mary Wang Foundation which needs to be resolved before this can be done.
    4. H M Parish Plan Review - Vanessa May has produced a strategic review of the Parish Plan and suggested that she meet with Peter, along with the clerk to clarify and update. Clerk apologised for overlooking the meeting and a new date of 13th July at Midway was agreed.
    1. Recruitment of New Clerk – Current situation.
      1. Six applications received following advert in Western Gazette. Peter Bysouth, Robin Carpenter and Vanessa May agreed to review the applications and they will arrange for interviews to take place as soon as possible. The Clerk has been asked to attend the interviews to deal with any questions regarding the day to day administration.
      2. Salary Review. This is to be placed on the agenda for August.
      3. Clerk's Filing Cabinet. Clerk advised that this will need to be moved by the end of August due to building work and demolition of the shed that it is currently housed in. NOTED.
    2. Terms of Reference for the Recreation Ground Committee. Peter Bysouth advised that he has had clarification from SALC of the status of the Recreation Ground Committee. He has produced a statement of powers for consideration and the clerk was asked to send him details of the FOHCS constitution that was used to establish it. This will be considered again at the next meeting.
    3. Village Hall Insurance Review. The Parish Council has been asked to investigate the provision of Public Liability insurance for village groups using the Hall. The current contents sum insured looks too low, and the Committee will look at this, and other groups who held property in the Hall would also be asked to supply a valuation. This will be considered again at the next meeting.
    4. Area South PC meeting 22nd June East Coker Pavilion. NOTED. Robin Carpenter and Peter Bysouth agreed to attend.
    1. Clerk to reclaim outstanding VAT. (£286.72)
    2. Confirmation of Clerk’s hours for May 2011 (32.75 hours) NOTED.
    3. Donation to Pre School £120. RESOLVED. Proposed Peter Bysouth Seconded Bill Turner.
    1. Report from Footpath Representative. Robin Carpenter advised that he has been notified that he has contravened the rules governing Parish Paths Liaison Officer’s by directly approaching an individual regarding obstructed footpaths. This contact was by email. With issues such as obstructed paths PPLOs should not enter into direct contact with individuals. One of the paths in question, Y10/44, is to have a temporary headland diversion whilst the matter is investigated.
    2. Dog Control Notices. Clerk confirmed that the new notices posted around the village do not require that dogs are kept on a lead at all times as some people have suggested. Only that a dog must be put on a lead if so instructed to do so by an officer of SSDC. This would be where the animal was causing a nuisance. The members asked that clarification of this could be given in the Messenger.
    1. NOTED Work carried out in May.
    2. Work for this month.
      Outstanding from May:
      1. Tidy around Village Hall.
      2. Cut back overhanging hedge at Blackhouse Lane.
      3. Strim path at Y10/4 and Y10/19.
      4. Y10/20 from Broadstone Lane - make dog slider in stile at first boundary towards Prospect Farm. I have spoken to Jenny White who has agreed to this, but the slider must be fitted so that it cannot be removed, will shut by gravity, and be stock (including small lamb) proof. Some strimming may also be needed on the South end of this path as it runs towards and past the farm.
        New items for June:
      5. The sign at footpath Y10/22 (which runs almost due south from Prospect Farm to the Marsh) is lying in the verge. I think it was screwed to the gate post, but the gate post has rotted and so it has fallen off. The post is fairly new & in good condition, just requires re-fixing or ‘planting’.
      6. Construct a concrete base to accommodate a grit bin at Elliot’s Hill.
      7. Remove dumped waste just above the junction of Wimborough Lane and Partway Lane on the LHS as you go up the hill.
      8. Remove the small tree growing to the RHS of the squeeze gate in the churchyard and trim back the overhanging branches on the tree on the LHS of the squeeze gate.
    1. Correspondence to be circulated.
      1. SCC Rural Broadband Project funding bid.
      2. Area South Community Forum 27th June 2011 The Vicarage Methodist church, Vicarage Walk, Yeovil 6.30pm.
      3. Vacancy for Parish Council Rep for Standards Committee. Closing Date 24th June 2011.
      4. South Somerset Together AGM Wed 13th July 2011 Council Chamber 7pm – 9pm.
    1. Chairman. Parish Council has been asked to provide a reading and a hymn for the Carnival week church service. Vanessa May agreed to provide and deliver the reading and Robin Carpenter agreed to suggest a hymn.
    2. Councillors. Peter Bysouth gave the following report from the recent Village Hall Committee meeting.

      Report of Village Hall Committee Meeting on 18 May 2011

      The heating system is now working properly, but the noise levels had increased. It was decided to fit an acoustic hood over the return grill to see if this made any difference. Investigations would be made into changing the meter to give less than an hour’s heating for each £1. At present the Hall was subsidizing users, as it was estimated that it costs £3 an hour in oil to run the heating.

      Planning permission had been received for the changes to the garage, and estimates would now be obtained. The Parish Council would be approached to pay for this work out of the funds they had reserved for village hall use.

      PAT testing had been completed. The electrical spur on the stage was inadequate and would be upgraded. Extra sockets would be fitted in the hall and kitchen. An MCB would be fitted in the main fuse board to feed the circuit board in the rear of the hall. The lighting in the reception area would be rationalized so that it was operated by one switch rather than four, and more powerful bulbs would be fitted.

      The Parish Council would be asked to investigate the provision of Public Liability insurance for village groups using the Hall. The current contents sum insured look too low, and the Committee would look at this, and other groups who held property in the Hall would also be asked to supply a valuation.

    3. Clerk. Nothing to report.
    The next meeting will be on 19th July 2011 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. The meeting closed at 9.32pm.