2.30pm Saturday 24th August 2019 at the Village Hall

entry form

Prizes to be presented by Mr Rob Lloyd

Admission – Adults £1, accompanied children free

Refreshments and Raffle


John Stevens Memorial Trophy to the top-scoring exhibitor across all sections

Perpetual Cup to the winner of Section A

Rose Bowl to the winner of Section B

Photography Rose Bowl to the winner of Section C

Handicraft Rose Bowl to the winner of Section D

Floral Art Trophy to the winner of Section F

Cookery Salver to the winner of Section G

W.I. Cup to the top-scoring W.I. member in Section G

Cookery Tankard to top-scoring male exhibitor in Section G


A trophy to the top-scoring exhibitor in each age group in Section E

Entrants finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in each class will receive a cash prize

A rosette will be awarded to each prize-winner.



Tips for exhibitors may be found on this page.


Section A – Vegetables and Fruit – Judge: Roy Gunning

All classes to be a single variety, unless otherwise stated and named if known.

  1. Noah’s Ark Collection – 4 pairs of different vegetables presented on tray max 24” (60cm) square
  2. Five potatoes (white)
  3. Five potatoes (coloured)
  4. Five onions - trimmed
  5. Five shallots – trimmed
  6. Five carrots – trimmed
  7. Five runner beans
  8. Five french beans
  9. Three globe beetroot – trimmed
  10. Two courgettes (up to 15cm/6” in length)
  11. One squash/gourd (not marrow/courgette)
  12. Five round tomatoes
  13. Five plum tomatoes
  14. Seven cherry tomatoes
  15. A collection of three types of home grown fruits (not tomatoes)
  16. Three dessert apples
  17. Three cooking apples
  18. A specimen single vegetable not included elsewhere in Section A
  19. This year’s worst failure
  20. Three types of herbs – 3 stems of each in a container

    Section B – Flowers and Plants - Judge: Sidney Painter

  21. One specimen rose in vase
  22. Two sprays of multi-flora roses in vase
  23. One most fragrant rose in vase
  24. Three cactus dahlias in vase
  25. Three dahlias (any other variety) in vase
  26. Five stems of sweet peas in vase
  27. Three stems of penstemon in vase
  28. Five stems of scabious in vase
  29. Two shrub sprays in vase, any variety, one in flower, one with berries
  30. One specimen flower – any cultivar not included elsewhere – in vase
  31. A vase of mixed flowers
  32. A vase of ornamental grasses
  33. Three stems of mixed foliage in vase
  34. A "butterfly nectar bar" - two stems each of three varieties in vase
  35. A flowering fuchsia in pot*
  36. A flowering pelargonium in pot*
  37. A flowering plant in pot* (not fuchsia or pelargonium)
  38. A foliage plant in pot*
  39. A single variety of cactus/succulent in pot (any size)

    *Note Classes 35,36,37 and 38 - Pots must not exceed 30cm internal diameter

    Section C – Photography – Judge: Gillian Hooker

    All photos to have been taken since August 2018. Entries to be forwarded to Mrs D Creed, Springfield Stores, Hardington Moor by 12 noon Wed 21st August. Maximum 7” x 5” (18cm x 13cm) unmounted, black & white or colour print.

  40. Wood
  41. Togetherness
  42. Seasonal Colour
  43. Transport of Delight
  44. Beach Art

    Section D – Handicraft – Judge: Beryl Baker

    All entries to have been completed since August 2018. Please state on entry form size of exhibit. *Handmade may involve use of a machine - if so, please state on exhibit.

  45. Animal(s) (painting)
  46. Tree(s) (drawing)
  47. An invitation card to a party
  48. An item of knitting or crochet (state if using pattern or own design)
  49. An item of handmade* needlework (state if own design)
  50. An item of patchwork or quilting
  51. An item of jewellery
  52. You’ve made it, let’s see it (anything not included in above classes)

    Section E – Junior Classes – Judge: Ali Trickett

    4 years and under (on 24 Aug 2019)

  53. A painting of my family
  54. Four decorated biscuits
  55. Flowers in a mug
  56. A bowl of Playdoh Fruit
  57. Grow cress in an unusual container

    5-8 years (on 24 Aug 2019)

  58. Three decorated fairy cakes
  59. An animal made of pom-poms
  60. Put as many different items as possible inside a standard matchbox (37x53x16mm). Include a list
  61. A decorated egg in an egg cup
  62. A vegetable or fruit animal

    9 to 13 years (on 24 Aug 2019)

  63. A Victoria sandwich cake
  64. Design a poster for the 2020 Flower & Craft Show
  65. A photograph of my friend(s)
  66. Youve made it, lets see it

    Section F – Floral Art – Judge: Jenny Dodd

  67. An arrangement in shades of yellow and white (max. overall size 60cm square)
  68. A arrangement in a shoe
  69. Natures Bounties - an arrangement using fruit, nuts, seeds, foliage etc. (no flowers)
  70. An arrangement suggesting a song title (accessories may be used)
  71. A modern arrangement using five flowers only, plus foliage

    Section G – Cookery, Preserves and Wine – Judge: Ann Mumford

    All cookery entries to be covered with clingfilm
    Preserves to be in plain jars, clearly labelled incl. date made

  72. A decorated birthday cake, decoration only to be judged
  73. A lemon tart
  74. Four plain scones
  75. Four blueberry muffins
  76. Four ginger biscuits
  77. A honey cake
  78. A loaf of wholemeal bread (handmade only)
  79. A Focaccia bread
  80. A jar of gooseberry jam
  81. A jar of any other jam
  82. A jar of marmelade (any variety)
  83. A jar of jelly (any variety)
  84. A jar of chutney (any variety, min 3 months old)
  85. A half bottle of liqueur

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Chairman: Rod Heal
Secretaries: Rachel Moulden
Treasurer: Dave Simpson
Members: Mike Bickerton, Bob Brittle and Joanna Szmaj, Peter Riddell